The vineyard is located in the area of production “ISONZO FRIULI DOC” in the Province of Gorizia, along the valley of the river Isonzo, on a flat territory. The soil is calcareous with white gravel mixed with sand.

The vineyard is worked mechanically, without using herbicides in order not to affect the plant’s sap or erode the soil.

The harvest is still performed by hand,  allowing a careful selection of the grapes right at the moment of the collection.

The white wines undergo a very low pressing after destemming. The wine must is kept at low temperatures so to let aromas and varietal aromas keep their freshness and taste.

For red wines maceration and fermentation process have a variable length from 7 to 9 days with peels not separated from the must.

The aging is exclusively in stainless steel tanks or tonneau.

We have also a wine bar where it is possible to taste and buy our wines and sausages of our production.